Energy Foam 300

Energy Foam is a compact foam machine. Reliable at any time, equiped with a powerful fan, it will be the right partner for your medium size foam parties !

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  • ENERGY MACHINE - ENERGY FOAM 300The Energy Foam 300 is a machine that produces a high volume of synthetic foam based on liquid Active surfactant concentrate and water. It operates with a massive air flow that propels the mixture through the net and turns into abundant foam that falls in cascade. Compact machine, made entirely of aluminum and offering a... ENERGY MACHINE - ENERGY FOAM 300The...

  • FOAMTONIC - NEW GENERATION OF SFX MACHINES DJ - COMPACTE & HIGH PERFORMANCE The FOAMTONIC DJ machine is part of a new generation of effects machines. Its design is innovative, its compact size is suitable for easy use and its performance is surprising. It allows the production of a large volume of synthetic foam based on liquid active surfactant... FOAMTONIC - NEW GENERATION OF SFX...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items