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    Shooter Confetti Canon - High Pressure To shoot a huge volume of...

Co2 Revolver

Part of the new range of CO2 Sfat Items, the CO2 revolver allows you to create a fantastic contact with the public ! Shoot from 5 to 6 meters at least ! Efficiency, Useful, low price!

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  • REVOLVER CO2  PRO VERSION  - SFAT INDUSTRIE Direct trigger with flowrate regulation The REVOLVER CO2 is a high pressure gun to which a bottle of Co2 gas can be connected thanksto a high pressure pipe equipped with suitable fittings. With this mobile device, it's possible to shoot powerful & massive jets of CO2  gas (carbon dioxide)  into the air. That... REVOLVER CO2  PRO VERSION  - SFAT...

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item