SFAT is a leading industrial factory in development and production of special effects (consumables & machines) for clubs, stages and events. Since 1993 the family owned business is committed to highest standards in safety and customer satisfaction.
ln the little village "Chatenoy le Royal " in the Burgundy, the heart of France, the SFAT team is designing products which are then manufactured in handcraft on the individual needs of the customers.

The process from A to Z is followed up the QC and safety guidelines so that in the end the products are ready to outperform.
The products are widely used in stadiums on open air festivals, in small and large night clubs but also in many TV shows and theatres. "Customers trust us
because we always respect our commitments and we deliver on time what we promise for more than 25 years" Christophe de Lora, founder and CEO. The SFAT Team always focussed on bath "Product and Service" Quality, welcomes you to discuss any projects and ideas.
For more info please visit www.sfat.fr / www.sfat-lndustrie.fr

Who we are ? The experience since 1993 ...  

Founded in 1993, our company is specialized in the manufacturing of machines, fluids and various materials allowing the realization of stage special effects adapted to the most professional requirements in the sectors of the Entertainment, Leisures, event, Spectacle, Cinema, Tv shows ,Theater, Advertising .
For many years, SFAT has developed and adapted toits customers while maintaining the fundamentals that have made its success : customer satisfaction, quality of production, quality of after-sales service.
The SFAT team is intimately familiar with his job that is exciting, but demanding and complex. This advantage allows him to fully understand and to anticipate the permanent evolutions of market expectations.
Our anteriority and our family structure inspire us a robust financial policy, a company culture based on stability, product quality and after-sales service. Because we consider that after ta king delivery of your SFAT products, we will be more than ever at your service.

Our team's commitments 

Each people of our team is involved everyday to offer you a full technical & personalized support . They help you to define your needs and to design solutions according to your technical and economical specifics. lndeed, our concern is to differentiate ourselves by constantly bringing real added values to our customers through competitive price positioning but also by the renewed proposai of services and technical, qualitative and quantifiable solutions on which we commit ourselves.
The constant attention we devote to the evolving expectations of our markets and our willingness to build long term relation are illustrated in several concrete ways, including an international export capacity, a global offer offered to satisfy ail the needs of our customers in products and services, our production tools allow the most qualitative productions, our contractual commitments, constant monitoring of regulation, a steady improvement in product reliability, our constant will for internai control.
These commitments are shared by the ail SFAT team and are part of a continuous improvement process. SFAT is one of the few brands that can boast a reliable and sustainable presence in the professional market.

A specialized technical department 

SFAT is a leading company in the development & production of professional special effects for clubs, stages and spectacular events. Our concepts are based on the highest standards of safety and customer satisfaction.
Our technical department carries out the design of the products which are then manufactured taking into account the specific needs of the customers. Our services include a careful checking of your needs, expert technical advices from our team to help you define with the utmost precision the equipments & products that best meet your needs in order to satisfy most of your objectives.
The manufacturing process is constantly monitored so that the machines are ready to perform. We check very carefully all the elements involved in the manufacture of our machines.
The assembly follows a precise technical specification which allows us to ensure for many years a quality of equal manufacturing, high quality finishing, excellent reliability, good functioning and a maximum security for our customers.

Possibilities of specific achievements 

According to your needs, your technical specifications and our means of production, we can offer you a complete and personalized service specific for your company and/ or your brands.
Production - Special Effects Machine
We bring you our experience and expertise in research, technological innovation and product development for special effects.
Our team has R&D possibilities for optimum product design and quality, as well as testing facilities to adapt the products to your requirements. Our wide range of special effects solutions will allow you to meet a very diversified demand.
Production - Special Effects Liquids
Our factory is equipped with a complete industrial processing system.
This facility is connected to several packaging lines that cover the production of more than 10 million liters of fluids each year with constant growth.

Sfat is one of the largest producers in the international market with strong capabilities in OEM production Our services include all the following services:
Production of your fluids according to the highest quality criteria,
Strict compliance with regulatory requirements in the manufacturing process
Printing of your customised labels in four color process
Updated of regulatory documentation whenever necessary

An adapted logistics service 

Our storage capacity and our production lines allow us to grant controlled delivery times at any time of the year. We maintain permanent stock on majority of our products in order to meet your needs as soon as possible. During production renewal of series, production time does not exceed 2 to 3 weeks. But if necessary, we also know how to give priority to your emergency.
Working with SFAT is to beneficiate of an export know-how for more than 20 years. We are able to advise you, offer you quick solutions, provide technical assistance to organize your shipments and also the following services:

Quotation and pro-forma
Specific regulatory packages: Guarantee tape, strapping, Europe pallets, treated pallets NIMPlS, etc ... Custom packaging: batch preparation,
Specific Marking and customised labeling
Expeditions according to lncoterms (EXW,DDP, ... } and selected means of transport: road, air, sea, express Customs formalities: DEB, EUR ...
Adapted commercial documentation.

Sfat exports to all continents 

The products manufactured by our company under our brands or under customised brands are recognized by many professionals as international reference ranges.
These products are exported to all continents and are used by many professionals.
Our experience guarantees you a very professional business relationship, and our qualified team having a great habit of transport conditions, will be able to bring you help and assistance for any national & international shipping.

Partnership development 

You are a professional and you wish to : 

- Join a dynamic company, in full industrial expansion, in order to develop a real and trustful partnership ...
- Meet a partner whose corporate spirit is turned towards the customer satisfaction, the trust in people and professionalism .. .
- lntegrate an international network of professionals and take advantage of the image of Producer settled in many countries .. .
- Develop an additional activity by offering your customers new possibilities or by penetrating new markets ...
If so, do not hesitate to contact our export team and let's become partner !