Energy color red - bag of 100 Gr

The Energy Color range offers a wide choice of Powders color to project. 

- Manual Projection 

- Projection of cannon powder. 

These dyes "Energy color" are designed to create exceptionla Shows. 
The Energy color powders are developed based on daes Food and have no adverse effect on Human health and the environment.

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rou-No Dermathologique risk.

-Do Not dirty clothes.

-No Irritating to respiratory voice

-No Danger for hair

Products are EN – 71 (part 3) (approved)

NBRI National Botanical Research Institute  (approved)

CSIR Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (Approved)

NO Chemicals, Metals, Plasic or other Hazardous ingredients are used in production.

NO Lead (Pb), Antimony (Sb), Arsenic (As),Barium (Ba), Chromium (Cr), Cadmium (Cd),Mercury (Hg) or Selenium (Se) was used duringmanufacturing process.

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Energy color red - bag of 100 Gr

Energy color red - bag of 100 Gr