The FOAMER TWO machine is a standard foam generator (cascade effect) which operates at low voltage and which benefits a very high level of IP protection. The particularity comes from its fan which is  waterproof. The main benefit is that it eliminates the risk of electrocution if the machine is accidentally submerged in water. Thanks to its specific nozzle equipped with a clever venturi system, this machine is able to produce large quantity of foam even with low pressure of water supply. Its design makes it very light and particularly handy. Its installation is very easy, it is also possible to position it on a tripod. Economical machine to use - low consumption of liquid concentrate for high foam production.

Foam Projection Cannon - Distance of 8 to 10 m depending on projection angle  Compact and light machine, foam effect equipped with a very powerful helical fan operating at low voltage. Direct water supply by connection to the water network. The mixing is done inside the machine.

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The SFAT company is delighted to present our FOAMER TWO foam machine, an exceptional solution for creating spectacular and unforgettable foam effects. Whether you are hosting a private party, a special event, or a grand spectacle, our versatile foam machine is designed to deliver outstanding performance and a foamy ambiance.

This foam machine is perfect for event organizers, party equipment rental companies, DJs, and stage artists who want to add a touch of magic and entertainment to their productions. With its advanced technical features and user-friendly design, our foam machine is a reliable choice to impress your audience and create memorable foamy memories.

The 100WPFM1241 foam machine is equipped with advanced technical specifications to ensure optimal performance. Here's an overview of its features:

  • Voltage: The machine operates on 230V AC at 50Hz and 30V DC, providing compatibility with different power sources.
  • Electric Motor: With a DC motor, our foam machine offers reliable power and consistent performance. The motor operates at a speed of 4550 revolutions per minute (RPM), ensuring efficient foam production.
  • Protection and Safety: The machine has an IP68 protection rating, providing complete protection against water infiltration and solid particles. This makes it suitable for outdoor use and demanding environments.
  • Dimensions and Weight: With dimensions of 477.00 mm in length, 516.00 mm in width, and 629.00 mm in height, this foam machine is compact enough for easy transportation and installation. It weighs 12.5 kg, making it a convenient and portable choice.
  • Fan Technology: The machine features a radial fan, delivering powerful airflow and even foam distribution. The airflow per hour reaches 4100 m3/h, with an air speed of 12 m/s.
  • Sound Level: Operating at a sound level of 81 dB, the foam machine creates a festive atmosphere without disturbing conversations or ambient music.
  • Control and Operation: The foam machine is equipped with a 16A power rocker switch for quick and easy on/off operation. It functions in an on/off mode, providing user-friendly operation for all users.
  • Foam Production: Our foam machine can produce up to 60 m3 of foam per minute, creating a foamy and immersive atmosphere.
  • Liquid Consumption: The machine consumes 3 liters of ready-to-use liquid per minute. Make sure to use liquids specifically designed for foam machines to achieve the best results.
  • Operating Temperature: The machine is designed to operate within a temperature range of 5°C to 50°C, adapting to different environments and climatic conditions.

We are confident that our foam machine is the perfect tool to bring a festive and foamy ambiance to your events. It offers exceptional performance, user-friendly operation, and unmatched reliability. Make every party, show, or event an unforgettable experience with our foam machine!

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