Energy Sender Co2

(Co2 Launcher Ultra Powerful )

The Energy Sender L model is a bazooka with bigger size equipped  with a secured high-pressuretrigger connected to a bottle of co2 gas thanks to a high-pressure hose with suitable fittings.

With this mobile device, it is possible to fire massive jets of cold smoke at a distance of more than 10 m, to project stage conffetis to 12 meters or T-shirts at more than 20 meters.

The effect is impressive. Its design ensures optimum operational safety. Double hand grip, safety system built into the trigger. As a high pressure appliance, however, it is necessary to respect the basic safety rules and in particularthose related to the dangerousness of co2 gas.

Depending on the degree of humidity, visible jet distances may vary. Supplied without accessories  - see specific section in the catalogue

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Technical DATAS 
Alimentation Gas Co2
Pressure 120 Bars 
Weight 4Kg
Length 100cm
Width 25cm
Height 20cm
Control Trigger
Nozzle Cryogenic


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Energy Sender Co2

Energy Sender Co2